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Kraft Beard Care Kit

Kraft Beard Care Kit

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Product Name: Beard Care Set 4pcs


100% Pure Natural Beard Oil
100% Pure Nature Ingredient with Essential vitamins & nutrients;
Promote active growth for men’s beard, Eliminate beard itch;
Soften your beard and Provide rich texture & luster;
Main ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Pure Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Orange Essential Oil.

100% Pure Natural Beard Balm
100% Pure Nature Ingredient with Essential vitamins & nutrients;
Frequently use can enhance beard strength and your beard growth boost;
Keep your beard moisturize, healthy and neat;
Help to hold your beard styling, and give you the gentleman's blend scent for a more manly scent;
Main ingredients: Yellow Beeswax, Shea Butter, Grape Sea Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cedarwood Oil, d-Alpha Tocopherol, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Lavender Oil, Sweet Orange Oil.

High Quality Trimming Tools
Handmade and Anti-Static Wooden Comb
This wooden comb has been designed to get thought your beard or moustache with ease. Its thick tooth finish will give your beard a fine touch and leave your beard feeling smooth all the time. This little comb is very easy to carry, so you will look good wherever you go.

Package Included:
1*Beard Oil 30ml
1*Beard Balm 60g
1*Beard Wash 118ml
1*Beard Comb