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It is a good beard wax , but not what expected.

I had received the beard kit from Isner Mile as a gift and liked the beard balm that came with as it was definitely 5 star , it had a Sandalwood fragrance which was awesome, this one did not for some reason and its not available on the site have to buy a whole Isner mile kit to obtain it. So I guess it begs the question - why is the Sandalwood version not available for purchase sandalwood scented version available outside the kit?

Isner Mile Beard Balm 60g丨Leave-in Conditioner Wax

I have bought it for the second time now. this time the larger bottles. I'm excited. My beard feels wonderfully soft and fluffy. I just love it

Isner Mile Beard Wash And Conditioner Kit / Sandalwood

Good product. Meh shipping.

Order was placed over two weeks ago. Just got in the mail today. Husband enjoys the product. Thankfully we got two so we won't have to order again soon.

Almost perfect

I have been given this set twice as a gift, and I must admit, it is one of the best presents I've ever received. I love how much healthier and more manageable my beard became after the first use! I loved almost everything about this kit the only thing I didn't love was the razors themselves. There were a few issues with the blades in my opinion. After my first use of the razor was smooth clean and pleasant however upon getting everything setup the second time i was disappointed in the rust that had developed. It wasn't very obvious at first i just noticed a line of rust running the length of the razor. I then began to remove the blade and when i separated the razor holder i realized even though i believed i successfully dried everything as i dismantled the razor drying each piece. I after repeated use realized it's almost impossible to get it completely dry. I admit i have no suggestion as to how to improve this but i did see it as a negative. The next 2 issues could be considered as 1. The razors do not hold the edge to well. I could tell a significant difference in a new and 2nd use razor. I had hoped to circumvent this issue by sharpening the disposable razors but found no success. Which is the 3rd issue is that the razors inability to freshen the edge. All that being said i still found the overall effect on my beard's health and appearance is unfathomable. Even with my comments please give it a chance. You will not regret purchasing this kit. I suggest if gifting this to someone please order an extra set of razors and include the info for getting more replacements. Just a suggestion to Isner Mills, have you considered etching your company name on the razor holder handle or altering the cutout sections of the handle so if set down the company name would be visibly prominent. This would help prevent struggle in replenishing stock and it could create more impulse buys by onlookers. I would really like it if i could purchase replacement blades locally on short notice

Beard Balm

I'm not sure what exactly is wrong but the beard balm I ordered does not emulsify to rub into the beard as my original order had. This one seems to be just beeswax and does not work as expected. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Shelburg

Poor product

I ordered the 2 pack and the product was hard as a rock and won’t go into my beard. It’s like putting candle wax on my face. I loved the product before but after this and not hearing anything back for 2+ weeks. Run far away from this company.

I got it

Thank you so much for the Isner Mile beard balm! I really like it. It holds good. I appreciate your quickness because I just about ran out. Thanks!

Doesn’t have all the instructions you need. Just expects you to use it

Beard Balm

I have been using this product for a while now through the beard kits. This is the first time that I am unable to use the product because it is as hard as a rock. I put the container in hot water for a few minutes and it did not help. Are these older products that have been on the shelf for a while?

Isner Mile Beard Wash And Beard Conditioner Set / Mint

Mancanza ordine

Non ho ricevuto l’ordine

Sandal wood

I waited years to grow a beard. When I finally grew one I searched hundreds of products. Until I found lsner Mile (sandalwood) instantly feel in love with it. I’ve only found the only scent I want in the kit form. It’s very discouraging that I can’t find sandalwood oil/balm. I’m considering seeking a different brand to, find the scent I want.

Stainless Steel Straight Barber Shaving Razor

Good Stuff

Everything is high quality and feels great.

Beard Oil Kit / 2 Pack
Gregor Nitzer
Love it

Since I started using the oil, my beard feels pleasantly soft and can be shaped wonderfully🥰

Isner Mile Beard Growth Kit / Sandalwood


Buonissimi prodotti

Very nice

Really love it

Very silky feeling

The thickening oil makes your beard very manageable and soft.

Came incomplete

My package arrived without the roller. It was kind of a hassle trying to reach out to them through their Facebook page (which is how they say to get ahold of them). Finally heard back and I am waiting to see if I’ll receive the roller.


This kit makes a n excellent gift for the bearded man in your life without breaking the bank. I really like the sandalwood scent and these products have long lasting scent. The beard tools are a great added bonus.

Great deal and product