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Stainless Steel Straight Barber Shaving Razor

Good Stuff

Everything is high quality and feels great.

Beard Oil Kit / 2 Pack
Gregor Nitzer
Love it

Since I started using the oil, my beard feels pleasantly soft and can be shaped wonderfully🥰

Isner Mile Beard Kit for Men/Grooming & Trimming Tool Complete Set

Isner Mile Beard Growth Kit / Sandalwood


Buonissimi prodotti

Very nice

Really love it

Very silky feeling

The thickening oil makes your beard very manageable and soft.

Came incomplete

My package arrived without the roller. It was kind of a hassle trying to reach out to them through their Facebook page (which is how they say to get ahold of them). Finally heard back and I am waiting to see if I’ll receive the roller.


This kit makes a n excellent gift for the bearded man in your life without breaking the bank. I really like the sandalwood scent and these products have long lasting scent. The beard tools are a great added bonus.

Great deal and product

Isner Mile Beard Growth Kit / Sandalwood


My beard wash became brown in color after a few months, is it still safe to use ?

Still hasn’t arrived never again

Amanda McCaskey

I love finding a product that I can spray onto my scalp without it being greasy afterwards or the next day. I have a pretty dry scalp so only need to wash hair once a week and dont like products that leave my hair greasy. I also like the smell.

Hair is silky

I dont know yet if this will help for my very thin hair since I just started using it. I can say my hair feels very silky after I use it, I leave it on overnight as per the directions. The scent is wonderful!!

Nothing bad

Easy to use. I see some improvement ( fuller hair) but difficult to say if it's direct result of this product since I use it with others. Overall though I'm pleased. Smells ok too

Pretty good!

It is a very simple yet perfect gift for boyfriend with a beard. It has a barber balm, brush, and a whole bunch of organic oils that small good!

It's works

Started using it applied it 1x a day and noticed growth. I recommend it

Beard stuffs

Bought it for my husband. Best thing ever. Not an overpowering scent.

Very good product

Very good product for the price it smells wonderful and it makes my beard soft.

Great Product!

Great product I recommend it for your buck

Bang for your buck

I have used a smallwr batch of this product before and each time I use it I can feel my beard appreciates it after. My beard feels softer and easier to brush(manage). I was also surprised by the small amount needed for both the shampoo and conditioner. I dime sized amount is all that is needed. The shampoo and conditionee both cover a large surface, not much is needed, which means this will last me and make me feel like I got my monies worth! I would recommend to anyone with a beard

mells good

Got this for my boo for Fathers Day. So far so goood. We love the smell of it !